Unexpected Consequences of Winning an Olympic Gold Medal

(Image: CCTV)

Quan Hongchan, the 14-year-old Chinese girl who has just won a gold medal in diving at the Tokyo Olympics, now faces some unexpected new challenges.

In an interview prior to the race, Quan had told reporters that she started practicing diving at the age of eight because she thought she would not have to do her school work anymore. She also said that her hobby was playing online video games, even though she could only play no more than an hour and a half per day because she was underage.

Now the coach of the new champion has come out and told the public that she would personally see that Quan keep up her school work. Math, Chinese, English - the young champion has to do them all, and well, the coach said.

In the meantime, Tencent Ltd, maker of a popular online game, Honor of Kings, which Quan had named as her favorite, announced that the company is cutting back on the daily time allowed for Quan to play their game. The company addressed its message to Quan personally: Congratulations on winning the Olympic Championship! We're reducing your game playing time from 90 minutes to one hour. Congratulations again! 

Quan said that she was lousy at video games, often ending up with scores such as 0-6, 0-10.

She did do extremely well in the finals for the 10-meter platform diving on Thursday. She received three perfect scores on five of her dives, winning the Olympic championship with an unprecedented 466.20 points. 

Quan came from a peasant family on China's southern coast. She is one of the five kids in a household of very limited means. Her folks knew little about diving or Olympics, but a local coach, seeing the eight-year old girl jumping around in her school yard, thought she had talents and recruited her into a training program. Quan Hongchan's mother has poor health due to an injury caused by a traffic accident, and Quan Hongchan has said that she would make some money to pay for her mom's treatment. After their child's triumph at the Olympics, Quan Hongchan's parents and grandma were seen purchasing a huge stick of incense which they would take to a local temple to thank the deities for their blessings. 

(Image: https://www.toutiao.com/a6993237936141550083)